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  • Why choose us over handling the event on your own?
    By booking with us, you can trust that we have the experience and expertise to effectively plan and execute a successful event. Allowing you to focus on your responsibilities of running an apartment complex, instead of worrying about the logistical tasks that come with hosting an event.
  • Why should we utilize your service at our property?
    Minimizing turnover is essential, as it can incur expenses such as lost income, repairs, marketing, and the time spent on screening new tenants and negotiating leases. Our service focuses on creating a strong sense of community among residents, which can lead to increased tenant retention and ultimately help to reduce turnover costs for your property.
  • What are the benefits of booking events with you?
    By booking with us, you can expect a seamless, stress-free event experience, professional coordination and hosting, and the opportunity to offer a wider range of event options to your residents.
  • What are the benefits of signing up for your event subscription for the entire year?
    Securing ideal event dates: Our dates fill up quickly and by booking ahead, you can secure your preferred dates and themes. Convenience: By having your events planned for the entire year, it removes one less thing for you to worry about. Marketing advantage: Having a schedule of upcoming events to showcase to prospective tenants could be a valuable selling point in securing new leases.
  • What range of services are available with your company?
    We provide services for catering, bar services, entertainment, and party rentals. Covering everything from coordinating, setting up, hosting, and cleanup. We strive to offer a variety of services to make your event a memorable one.
  • What is included?
    With our catering and alcohol events, you can expect a comprehensive and hassle-free experience. We handle all aspects of your event, from setup to cleanup. Our all-inclusive package includes the services of insured staff, equipment, table decor, invitations, and all necessary supplies. Trust us to take care of all the details, and you'll be free to enjoy the event.
  • What can I expect on the day of my event? Do I need to do anything?
    You can expect a well-organized and professional event. Our team will handle everything. We'll arrive well before the event to set up and will take care of cleaning up after the event, leaving the area as we found it.
  • Is it necessary for apartment staff to be present during the event?
    It is not necessary for your staff to stay during the event. As long as we have access to the event area, we will handle everything.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We service all of Maricopa County. For events outside our service area, please send an inquiry to to see availability.
  • Can you coordinate with local vendors or one of my vendors?
    Absolutely. We love working with local vendors. We do have a long list of reliable vendors already, but we are more than happy to coordinate with anyone you’d like.
  • What are the ways to promote my events?
    Our team will provide you with a promotional PDF invitation that you can share on various platforms such as your apartment online portal, social media, as well as in high traffic areas of your complex like the elevator, clubhouse, office, gym, coffee station, and mail room. We suggest that you post the invitation multiple times in multiple locations.
  • Can you charge the residents a fee?
    No. We do not handle any cash transactions during events.
  • Are residents permitted to serve their own alcohol during an event?
    No. If your event includes an alcohol package, only our insured bartenders will be responsible for serving alcohol to ensure compliance with state regulations and safety.
  • Are there options for a flexible payment plan? Can I combine multiple months' budgets for a single event, but still receive monthly invoices?
    Yes, we can work with you to create a customized payment plan that fits your budget. Even if your budget doesn't allow for monthly events, we can schedule events every other month, quarterly, or on any schedule that works best for your property. (Please note that this option is not available for one-time events).
  • What payment types do you accept?
    We accept various types of payments, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are signed up as on-site vendors with all major multi housing companies, making the invoice process a breeze.
  • Do you carry insurance?
    Yes. We carry the level of insurance required to on-site vendors with all major property management companies.
  • Why should residents attend the events hosted by the apartment complex?
    Attending events hosted by your apartment complex is a great way to connect with your neighbors and create a sense of community. These events provide a fun, non-intrusive atmosphere for residents to socialize and make connections. Not only that, you can enjoy beautifully crafted events that are visually appealing, delicious, and best of all, free!
  • Can I book a private event?
    Yes, but our calendar does fill up fast, so our availability to host private events are limited. For more information, please email with your request.
  • As a resident of the apartment complex, I am underage but still want to drink alcohol. Can I do so even though it's at my place of residence?
    No, it is illegal for anyone under the legal drinking age to consume alcohol. Regardless of the location, it is against the law to provide or serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age. It's important to follow state laws and regulation to avoid any legal issues and keep the events safe and enjoyable for all.

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