Questions & Answers

For Investors and Owners


Question 1: Why should I have this service at my properties?


Answer: Retention rate. 

Tenant retention is particularly critical because turnovers are expensive. In addition to lost income, you’ll possibly incur some repair and marketing costs, as you prepare for incoming tenants. And that’s without mentioning the time that will be consumed screening new applicants, and negotiation corresponding leases.


So if you're looking into effective ways you can minimize turnovers by increasing tenant retention, our service is dedicated to building a sense of community that your residents will enjoy. 



For Property Managers and Regionals


Question 1: Why should my property sign up?​

Answer: Everyone that's hosted a resident event, grand opening or special occasion understands the challenges of hosting a memorable event. For some, it might be stressful and time-consuming. With our service, you can save time, plan and focus on your goals. You can be assured that your events will be successful and effective with your residents.​​


Question 2: I have a small budget every month. Can I combine 2 - 3 months' budgets for 1 event? But can you still invoice me each month?​

Answer: Yes. We can create a customized payment plan to fit your budget, don't worry about it! If your budget doesn’t allow for monthly events, we encourage events every other month, quarterly or on your schedule that best suits your property.


Question 3: Who can join the subscription?

Answer: This is exclusive to the Apartment Industry. Our goal is to increase community engagement through fun, memorable parties. With our insurance, we make sure we are compliant to be an approved on-site vendor.

Question 4: Do I need to do anything day of the event?

Answer: Nope! Our PWYN team will handle everything day of the event. From setting up, hosting and cleaning. This is a streamlined stress free services so you can spend more time focusing on your day to day duties at the apartment. 


For Residents and Guests

Question 1: Why should I attend these events?

Answer: Nothing is more powerful than when people come together. To be more active and have a richer social experience you must put yourself out there. By attending these events we give you the opportunity to connect with your fellow neighbors in a fun, non-intrusive atmosphere. Enjoy beautifully crafted events that are instagramable, delicious and best of all free!


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